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Down the rabbit hole: Rabbit hole 
B-) hell yes
(First status update) what do u guys think about the new DA logo?
-WARNING: this part will contain violence & yes there will be blood involved......reader descretion is advised-

(Previously on AThIT - TTN......)

Roadie: What did she say?

Nikki: Not a whole lot, she is trying thou

Clare [grn-up]: Fuck.............better follow them

Trip: Well then.....what's your point in all of this then?

Clare [grn-up]: You better watch your ass, cause you'll never know who be lurking at every corner then, let's get moving before that masked freak gets you

Trip: Yea....and get the duffel bag back to the arena before the show is over

Clare [grn-up]: That too (laughs)

-A Thrash in Time - TTN Pt.4-

(Sometime later when they reached the intersection of the city...& the truck of course.........)

Clare [grn-up]: alright there it is, the bag should be inside....if there is any suspicious rioters coming here, I'll let you know

Trip: will do.....

Clare [grn-up]: now all I need to is to wait & (iPhone starts ringing) ....hey


Trip: -goes to truck-........(taps on window)

Frightened 'Tallica crew driver: (inner thoughts: Fuck, I don't even know what I just saw.....but I never want to witness that shit again)

Trip: Ohhhh for god sakes (taps window harder)......(tries to open the door) .......Well better get the duffel bag I guess


Clare [grn-up]: yes .......... Yea......we're at the truck as we speak...............afterwords we're coming back to the arena as soon as possible........ok bye dad (hangs up)

Rider's posse: (plotting on something bad on Trip)

Rider: -evil laugh-

Clare [grn-up]: Ohhhh shit they've tracked us here!!!!! (Goes to trip very quietly)

Posse member: (waves at Trip)

Clare [grn-up]: Don't even think it, you fucker!!!

Rider & his posse: (goes after Trip)

Clare [grn-up]: TRIP RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rider: (muffled evil laughter)

Clare [grn-up]: HEY RIDER!!!!!! why don't you hang some one THAT IS ARMED WITH A WEAPON FOR ONCE!!!! (wields her sword)

Rider: (grunting in acceptance)

(Both start fighting)

-midway through in the fight-

Rider: (takes the orion sword while he punched Clare [grn-up] to the ground, Defeated)

Clare [grn-up]: -coughing up blood- W....h.....why?

Rider: (picks up Clare [grn-up] by the neck & slamming her on the bridge walls)

Clare [grn-up]: What are you going to do with my sword, Kill me like you are going to kill Trip?.....(gasping for air) Com'on do it!!!!! No one is stopping you

Rider: (stabs Clare [grn-up] almost at the heart)

Clare [grn-up]: Well......played........Rider........

Rider: (laughing uncontrollably & dropped Clare [grn-up] to the ground)

(1/8/1987 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Falkoner Theatre.....the guys are going to play Battery to start the show ......until they get a distress signal from Clare [grn-up] )

Young Jason: what's that sound?

Young Lars: whatever it focking it is, shut it off....I can't even concentrate

Young Kirk: it's the communicator Clare gave us before all of them went back

Young James: Well let's see what the call is?

(Signal is showing The Rider strangling Clare [grn-up] with his bare hands even though she is on the ground)

Clare [grn-up]: (through the hallowgram) f.....f......fuck you Rider (coughs out blood more)

Young James: (pounds his fist on a table) ...............

Young Kirk: are you ok James?

Young James: yea .........yea I'm ok thing I'm angry at is that dumbass killing our future bandmate & that however is her life is at stake

Young Lars: Well what are we suppose we do?

Young James: save her before she dies

Young Jason: I'll get Rob & Cliff


Rider: (gets his hammer)

Clare [grn-up]: (inner thoughts: well I guess this is it then..........)

-an arrow successfully hits the Rider in the back without no warning-

Rider: -grunts in pain-

Clare [grn-up]: w....w...where in the.....(looks at communicator) yes!!!.....f...finally (coughs)

Young Lars: Hey fucker, did your mom ever tell you NEVER to hit on girls

Young Jason: Or stabbing them with swords

Young James: Do us all a favor & stop

Young Kirk: Or I'll put another arrow in your face

Young Rob: It will not be a pretty sight then

Rider: (laughs & throws Clare [grn-up] in the truck)

Cliff: (in a stern tone) Not my kid, you dickhead (hits Rider with scythe)

-Rider went on his way-

Cliff: phew.........


Cliff: Oh shit!!!!!!!

Young Lars: Com'on Clare get up.....don't leave us now...........................

Clare [grn-up]: (no response)

Young Lars: ......why????

Cliff: That fucker is going to pay for what he did

Young Kirk: (sobs) She was the bravest person of all mankind

Young James: Why did you have to die like this?

Clare [grn-up]: (slight movement) I....................I............I......I....I...I..I'm not done yet

           .....To be continued (more soon in 2015)
AThIT - TTN Pt.4
(this fic is not an official Metallica licensed thing, TTN is (c) of Metallica & Nimròd Antal... please support the official release of the movie)

Clare [grn-up] & Trip have had arrived to the truck to get the bag but Clare [grn-up] knew something wasn't right....seconds later Trip is getting chased off by the Rider's posse & Clare [grn-up] had to fight back the Rider in order to protect her friend ..... Even though she was no match against the Riders brute strength ..... Clare [grn-up] was damn sure she is not giving up one bit... Only if Trip's & her own lives were at stake .......the rest you'll have to figure out on your own.....



Clare [grn-up]

Young James 

Young Kirk

Young Jason

Young Lars

Young Rob

Cliff Burton

The Rider

The Posse

(note - I will be on hiatus for a while till spring 2015.....due to holidays & all that stuff....& importantly I need to give my FanFiction side a break for the season [after I post the long overdue part of Ch.3] & then I'm on break..... Anyway I'll still be talking through msgs & etc, but not post anything till spring...... Anyway, I'll see you guys till winter is over bye ^_^

:heart: Picklegal1 )
ALS ice water Challenge (w/ sirriot) by picklegal1
ALS ice water Challenge (w/ sirriot)
Base (c) of :iconinsane-bases

- What is ALS??? - 

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), often referred to as "Lou Gehrig's Disease," is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. Motor neurons reach from the brain to the spinal cord and from the spinal cord to the muscles throughout the body. The progressive degeneration of the motor neurons in ALS eventually leads to their death. When the motor neurons die, the ability of the brain to initiate and control muscle movement is lost. With voluntary muscle action progressively affected, patients in the later stages of the disease may become totally paralyzed.

A-myo-trophic comes from the Greek language. "A" means no or negative. "Myo" refers to muscle, and "Trophic" means nourishment–"No muscle nourishment." When a muscle has no nourishment, it "atrophies" or wastes away. "Lateral" identifies the areas in a person's spinal cord where portions of the nerve cells that signal and control the muscles are located. As this area degenerates it leads to scarring or hardening ("sclerosis") in the region.

As motor neurons degenerate, they can no longer send impulses to the muscle fibers that normally result in muscle movement. Early symptoms of ALS often include increasing muscle weakness, especially involving the arms and legs, speech, swallowing or breathing. When muscles no longer receive the messages from the motor neurons that they require to function, the muscles begin to atrophy (become smaller). Limbs begin to look "thinner" as muscle tissue atrophies.

What Types of Nerves Make Your Body Work Properly?

(from Living with ALS, Manual 1: What's It All About?)

The body has many kinds of nerves. There are those involved in the process of thinking, memory, and of detecting sensations (such as hot/cold, sharp/dull), and others for vision, hearing, and other bodily functions. The nerves that are affected when you have ALS are the motor neurons that provide voluntary movements andmuscle power. Examples of voluntary movements are your making the effort to reach for the phone or step off a curb; these actions are controlled by the muscles in the arms and legs.

The heart and the digestive system are also made of muscle but a different kind, and their movements are not under voluntary control. When your heart beats or a meal is digested, it all happens automatically. Therefore, the heart and digestive system are not involved in ALS. Breathing also may seem to be involuntary. Remember, though, while you cannot stop your heart, you can hold your breath - so be aware that ALS may eventually have an impact on breathing.

Although the cause of ALS is not completely understood, the recent years have brought a wealth of new scientific understanding regarding the physiology of this disease.

While there is not a cure or treatment today that halts or reverses ALS, there is one FDA approved drug, riluzole, that modestly slows the progression of ALS as well as several other drugs in clinical trials that hold promise.

Importantly, there are significant devices and therapies that can manage the symptoms of ALS that help people maintain as much independence as possible and prolong survival. It is important to remember that ALS is a quite variable disease; no two people will have the same journey or experiences.  There are medically documented cases of people in whom ALS ‘burns out,’ stops progressing or progresses at a very slow rate. No matter what your individual course or situation may be, The ALS Association and your medical team are here to help.

To learn more about the personal stories of people who are living fully, click here. As one man put it, “I’ve made ALS part of my life, not my whole life.”   

(Nominating to do the challenge .....)



Cryaotic & the rest of the Late Night Crew


my sister & the rest of my family (if she's reading this.....sorry we're going to do it)

& the creator of the base as well 

(You all have 24 hours.....except for cry & the gang....they have to do this till Saturday)
(Previously on AThIT - TTN......)

Korey: Clare is about to risk her life to save someone else......that's why she's been having those nightmares the past 5 nights

Nikki: Meaning?????

Korey: (sobs) She's going to die on her own

Nikki: .....................................................................

Korey: Nikki?.........Nik?......u ok?.....


Trip: Hey!!!!......HEY!!!!!!!

Driver: -turns around-

Clare [grn-up]: Mom I'm 25 years old, I'm not going to be young forever you know!!!!

Trip: This is where we part ways, now please stop following me

Clare [grn-up]: (inner thoughts: I don't care what he says, I'll keep on following him no matter what it takes)

-A Thrash in Time - TTN Pt.3-

(Midsection of Mexico City)

-iPhone rings-

Clare [grn-up]: Yo......oh hey mean Trip......we went off to a bad start and.........I know......I know I need to tell him I'm more than that.....ok then......I'll talk to you guys later bye -hangs up-

-meanwhile at the sports palace arena-

Roadie: What did she say?

Nikki: Not a whole lot, she is trying thou

Cliff (older): I'll give her one more hour, if she doesn't get back....I'll go look for her right away

Roadie: Ok..........(deep sigh) Clare please......come back here safe & sound.....same goes for Trip as well


Trip: ............(inner thoughts: Fuck!!! Why was I even disrespectful to Clare in the first place....but she's just getting herself in danger thou......-sigh- I hope she'll make it back on her own)

-sudden noise in the distance-

Trip: Who's there?'s probably just birds

Clare [grn-up]: (lurking in a building above)........ok he doesn't have the bag yet......he's doing good so far..................................wait .......what in the thoughts: he's going towards those protesters with the cops mixed in.......I'd better get him out now before it's too late) TRIP.....TRIP.........

Trip: holy shit.......(stunned by the amount of people)

(The Fighting soon starts)

Clare [grn-up]: Shit............I'd better help now before shit hits the fan (gets to her Orion form & runs for Trip) TRIP!!!!!

Trip: It's her again isn't it?.........

Clare [grn-up]: (throws punches, high kicks, elbow punches, etc at protesters) Trip run for it NOW!!!!!!!!

Trip: Well better listen what she has to s.......What the hell???? (Looks at The Rider)

Clare [grn-up]: What are you waiting for????.................god fucking damn it ........he is no match for this dude

The Rider: -throws rope to the street light & hangs protester-

Trip: (throws brick at The Rider) AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

The Rider: (goes after Trip)

Clare [grn-up]: Fuck.............better follow them (wields sword in hand)


Trip: -panting- holy shit......finally got away from that chaos .....for once......(sees bodies hanging in the streets, thanks to The Rider) Damn it ..... The protest, The this!!!!

Clare [grn-up]: Hey Trip

Trip: -sigh- .........................I thought I told you to go back

Clare [grn-up]: Let me tell you something about my mother & myself here Trip, a month after my dad died, she auditioned for Metallica to play bass in his position.....but back then Metal was a dog eat dog still is but it counts for both genders......anyway when mom said she was going to play Anesthesia.....Lars had a talk with her & said he had to refuse to hire her on.....hence letting her go from the road crew........cause she is a female & he didn't want to go through the same thing all over again with mom.......years later I saved my dad from a witch named Helena, who was going to eventually trying to murder me & my mom as well.....her plan didn't go as planned cause I saved the universe from becoming ruins.....just be glad you & I aren't extinct right now buddy

Trip: Well then.....what's your point in all of this then?

Clare [grn-up]: You better watch your ass, cause you'll never know who be lurking at every corner then, let's get moving before that masked freak gets you

Trip: Yea....and get the duffel bag back to the arena before the show is over

Clare [grn-up]: That too (laughs)

                                       To be continued
AThIT - TTN Pt.3
(this fic is not an official Metallica licensed thing, TTN is (c) of Metallica & Nimròd Antal... please support the official release of the movie)

This is where ALL the fun begins with the protesters & etc......till shit hits the fan when The Rider came along......later Trip notices Clare [grn-up] following him again....... Her though now getting Irritated by him shooing Clare [grn-up] off,
Starts telling Trip the reason why she's there to protect him



Clare [grn-up]

:iconicecat19: as Nikki (Nicolette) Rinaldi

Korey Rommel 

Cliff Burton

Roadie -aka- Amber Krystal Roadstein

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Expect more drawings in the future :squee:


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i'm Cliff Burton's wife......thanks to :iconadopt-a-musician: :D

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