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Since I've been here on DA for 4 years (time does fucking fly, huh???) I want to do a Q n A w/ Watchers & non-watchers...... (It's sort of a AMA, but it's going to be on here & Tumblr.....if you want me to answer your questions on there as well) You can ask me anything .... As long it stays fun & awesome

Have fun asking questions :la:

- Picklegal1 :heart:
Q n A journal (ask me any questions in here)
Since I've been here on DA for 4 years (time does fucking fly, huh???) I want to do a Q n A w/ Watchers & non-watchers...... (It's sort of a AMA, but it's going to be on here & Tumblr.....if you want me to answer your questions on there as well) You can ask me anything .... As long it stays fun & awesome

Have fun asking questions :la:

- Picklegal1 :heart:
WARNING: it might get graphic in this if you don't like this sorta thing leave the page..... But if you like these things .... >>>>>reader discretion is advised<<<<<

(Previously on AThIT - TTN......)

Clare [grn-up]: alright there it is, the bag should be inside....if there is any suspicious rioters coming here, I'll let you know

Trip: will do.....

Clare [grn-up]: Ohhhh shit they've tracked us here!!!!!

Trip: Ohhhh for god sakes, .......Well better get the duffel bag I guess

Posse member: (waves at Trip)

Clare [grn-up]: Don't even think it, you fucker!!!

Rider: (muffled evil laughter)

Clare [grn-up]: HEY RIDER!!!!!! why don't you hang some one THAT IS ARMED WITH A WEAPON FOR ONCE!!!!

Rider: (grunting in acceptance)

Cliff: Not my kid, you dickhead


Cliff: That fucker is going to pay for what he did

Clare [grn-up]: I'm not done yet

-A Thrash in Time - TTN Pt.5-

All 6: CLARE!!! (Hugs her)

Clare [grn-up]: arrrrrrrgh!!!!!!! (puts her hand on wound)

Young Kirk: sorry

Clare [grn-up]: it's alright Kirk, but to tell you all..... That fucker can hit Whooo

Cliff: well yea, one thing I'm worried about is you, I don't want you getting hurt again

Clare [grn-up]: otherwise I'd wind up dead?

Cliff: (nods his head) MmmHmm, but I know you're trying to do the right thing to save that kid's life, but it's his battle to face on his own

Clare [grn-up]: But dad, what can I do to still help Trip & to stop the Rider from killing him?

Cliff: we'll see what happens

Clare [grn-up]: thanks dad (hugs Cliff)

Young Lars: so what are we going to do now?......we can't just sit here & think for long about what's going to happen next

Clare [grn-up]: there must be something we can use to get to Trip & the Rider on t....

(Horse neighing)

Young James: I think I've found something....

Clare [grn-up]: (inner thoughts: James, I know what you're thinking)..... Alright the fastest way to Trip is by horse, James will be with me in case shit gets anymore worse

Young Jason: what can we do?

Clare [grn-up]: ok....Jase, you stay w/ dad, Lars & Rob........while James is with me in case I need help

(More Protestors shouting in the distance)

Cliff: I'm guessing that means it's time to go?

Young Lars: yea, let's get out of here & then follow Clare & James to whatever they're going to

Cliff: (looks at the van) I have an idea.....

(Later after they all got into the van to follow Young James & Clare [grn-up] to the next & final destination)

Cliff: (-to Clare [grn-up]-) everything going alright where you guys are at?

Clare [grn-up]: (-to Cliff-) yea, everything is alright .... No posse members that we know of & the Rider is not in sight.....over & out

Young James: I can smell gasoline from here, I wonder what caused it?

Clare [grn-up]: (inner thoughts: had to do it .... Didn't you?....)

Young Kirk: (-to Clare [grn-up]-) where are you guys?

Clare [grn-up]: (-to Young Kirk-) we're at a alleyway, James & I can tell Trip has been here......

Young Kirk: (-to Clare [grn-up]-) ok, we're at a parking space in the city, we just saw your friend & Rider's posse has him as well

Clare [grn-up]: (-to Young Kirk-) we'll be there as soon as we can....over & out

Young James: well then it's off to the parking space it is

Clare [grn-up]: yup, we need to get there before its too late...

(Minutes later after they arrived to the destination)

Clare [grn-up]:  (almost runs off & then stops)

Young James: Hey!!!.....whatever happens....... just be careful

Clare [grn-up]: you too (kisses Young James)

Young James: All of us will be right here if you need anything


Clare [grn-up]: (sees Trip laying lifeless on the concrete)......Trip....I'm so sorry I got myself into this mess & getting you into more danger than you would've been..... I should've went back to the arena like you wanted me to ..... Thank you for letting me save you even thou you didn't want me to.....(heals Trip & transferred some of her powers to him as well)....the powers I gave you are temporary ...... Use them wisely.........(Goes to hide)

Trip: -wakes up & spits out blood- .......where the fuck am I?

The Doll: you're at a parking space portion of a unknown building

Trip: How are you talking & moving?!?.....(inner thoughts: Clare........she probably brought the doll to life.....not only that, she healed me..... I guess I do need her help after all)


(noose gets on Trips neck)

Trip: Oh Shiiiiiiiiiit!! (Gets dragged)

Rider: (grunts in laughter & tries to hang Trip)

Clare [grn-up]: fuck fuck fuck FUCK!!!, (inner thought: Com'on Trip I gave you those powers for a fucking reason ............. DEFEND YOURSELF!!!!!!)

Trip: (gets the Rider's hammer & hits him with it)

Clare [grn-up]: Fuck Yeah!!!!!

Trip: wanna kill me Rider???.....come & get me!!!! ...............AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! (Raises the hammer & smashes the ground with it several times)

Rider: (disappears in the dust)

Clare [grn-up] -passes out-

(Meanwhile back at the arena....)

Korey: what the fuck....the ground is moving!!!!

Roadie (older) : it's not just the ground....the stage is almost falling apart!!!!

(On stage)

James: STOP STOP!!!!!

(Stage continues to fall apart)

James: Whoa!!!! What's going on????

Lars: James.... Something isn't right....

James: Clare isn't In the audience, right?

Lars: correct

(Meanwhile in the city.....)

Trip:'s over..........(goes to get the bag with the doll) Clare ....... Thank you for everything (gets Clare [grn-up] off the ground)

(Minutes later)

Young James: Hey kid......thank you take this girl to the hospital

Trip: will do

                       (To be continued.....)
AThIT : TTN pt.5
as Clare [grn-up] awakens from her wounds, she knew the Rider was going to pay for what he did to her & sworn to get vengeance, but Cliff told her that this isn't her fight that she can do on her own ....... The rest you'll have to figure out on your own.... Enjoy the story


James hetfield

Lars Ulrich


Clare [grn-up]

Korey Rommel

Amber Krystal Roadstein -aka- Roadie

Young James

Young Lars

Young Rob

Young Kirk

Young Jason 

Cliff Burton

The Doll


(this fic is not an official Metallica licensed thing, TTN is (c) of Metallica & Nimròd Antal... please support the official release of the movie)
NLTL cover (record store day) by picklegal1
NLTL cover (record store day)
I made this, in case anyone didn't want to use the other cover that came w/ the rerelease of No Life Till Leather

(Transparent Blackened logo [c] of Lilith from the MetalliChicks forums)

NLTL & Blackened Recordings is [c] of Metallica

-yes it's a cut out, but you all can do with it as you wish, just be sure to press the download button to make the image larger-

& now the Article of why NLTL is being rereleased

METALLICA will celebrate this year's "Record Store Day" with the release of an exact duplication of the band's 1982 demo tape "No Life 'Til Leather" as a limited-edition cassette on April 18. The artwork was made from METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich's own copy and will feature his handwriting.

Says METALLICA in a statement: "In 1982 we recorded seven songs that became our initial calling card known as 'No Life 'Til Leather', and it led us to our first record deal. Tthe rest, as you some of you may know, is history!

"On Record Store Day, April 18th that demo tape will be available as a limited-edition cassette (yes, cassette!!) at your favorite neighborhood record store and

"We've been digging through the archives, gone to the original source material and re-mastered it to maximize the sound potential for 2015 without altering the original mixes in any way.

"Recorded with the first line-up of the band that appeared live as METALLICA, 'No Life 'Til Leather' has never been commercially available until now. Look for expanded versions coming on CD, vinyl and a collector's set sometime this summer.

"We hope you enjoy this little walk down memory lane with us and that you will continue to join us in supporting independent record stores around the world. Visit for a list of independent retail stores taking part in Record Store Day."

"No Life 'Til Leather" was recorded on July 6, 1982 at Chateau East Studio, Tustin, California and it features the following tracks:

01. Hit The Lights
02. The Mechanix
03. Motorbreath
04. Seek & Destroy
05. Metal Militia
06. Jump In The Fire
07. Phantom Lord

"No Life 'Til Leather" recording lineup:

James Hetfield - lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Lars Ulrich - drums
Dave Mustaine - lead guitar
Ron McGovney - bass

Speaking to about "No Life 'Til Leather", Ulrich said: "It's time for us to put out some next-level reissues and do the song and dance of the catalog that everyone else has done; the U2s and the LED ZEPPELINs and the OASISes. Instead of starting with 'Kill 'Em All' in 1983, we figured we'd go back another two years to when the band was formed in 1981."

He continued: "This is the second demo that we made and circulated. I sat in my bedroom and wrote on the J cards and went to the post office and sent it around to all the tape collectors around the world. Now, 20, 30 years later, it has become synonymous with the pre-'Kill 'Em All' era."

Posting something Record Store day related cover art Tomarrow (it's also a collab) keep ur eyes peeled ;)

-Picklegal1 :heart:
Since I've been here on DA for 4 years (time does fucking fly, huh???) I want to do a Q n A w/ Watchers & non-watchers...... (It's sort of a AMA, but it's going to be on here & Tumblr.....if you want me to answer your questions on there as well) You can ask me anything .... As long it stays fun & awesome

Have fun asking questions :la:

- Picklegal1 :heart:


katie fox
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:fella: There is hope in dreams, imagination, and in the courage of those who wish to make those dreams a reality- Jonas Salk :fella:


i'm Cliff Burton's wife......thanks to :iconadopt-a-musician: :D

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-Heavy Metal.....On Skateboards- <<<< (copy & paste if you want this as a meme)

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